The Red Army Vitas or RAVs

There are two Vita Armies, the Reds and the Blues. The V.R.A. or Vita Red Army belongs to Vita-Corp, while the B.A.V. or Blue Army Vitas belong to Vita-Comm. Both armies serve the interests of the corporations they belong to. The Vita armies are responsible for much of the crime occurring on Caldera, doing much of what they please because not many can withstand the gun power at the Vita's finger tips. Luckily, the two armies keep each other in check. The Sanctum army was created by some of the peoples of Caldera to help defend against Vita Army oppression. The ranks of the Sanctum grow day by day, and the Vitas will not engage them outright. This has given the people of Caldera some relief, but the Vita Army threat ever looms...