"Welcome to Port Last!"

Disembarking from the rickety boxcar called the "skyhook" adventurers are greeted with the harsh reality that is the Calderan landscape. Port Last was the first actual "city" built here, used at first as a landing base for drop ships to land on. Over time the place became a rundown pit stop for new arrivals to the planet. Most are only here long enough to gather a little information and move on to a more hospitable place. The only problem is... hospitable is not a typical word used to decribe anywhere on Caldera.

Turango is a MUD loosely based on the XBOX video game "Borderlands". Turango is a name associated with a mythical city somewhere on the wasteland world of Caldera. The city is said to hold powerful artifacts and wealth left over from an ancient society of technologically advanced aliens called the Eidelons. Adventurers, treasure seekers, and corporations all flock to Caldera for their own reasons. The harsh climate and indigenous wildlife mixed with the clashes of the various alien cultures, make Caldera seem more like the frontier in a wild west setting than your typical Sci Fi space fantasy.