The Niraleem are what some call the "Watchers" over Caldera. Very little is known about them. When they appear to people it is usually by overriding some visual display, like a computer screen, visor, or television set. It does not appear that they need C-Net to be able to do this. The Niraleem are considered nothing more than hackers by the two Vita corporations, dismissing any claims that they are a part of some higher intelligence. Most of the time the Niraleem appear as beautiful goddess-like humanoid females.


A captured image of one of the Niraleem

As stated, some believe they are some form of sentient physical or spiritual life that act as watchers over the goings on of Caldera. Some attribute natural disasters to them. Some say they are part of some elaborate guardian system whose sole purpose is to protect Turango's location and treasures from fortune seekers. It is believed that the Niraleem can do more than simply take over visual displays. Some believe they are able to take over entire mechanical systems, and C-Net itself if they so choose. Some pray to them for guidance, and some fear them as ghosts of a long dead culture.